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who we are

trusted advisors, critical thinkers, community builders, dreamers, innovators, & doers


Planning Solutions Corp was founded in 2002, at the insistence of Clients and Colleagues who specifically looked to the Dreamer/Doer, Beth Gibson, to make their keystone initiatives successful. Her passion for helping others, and for making a positive impact in the world, coupled with her unshakeable confidence, contributed to this success. 

we inspire, imagine, and implement the impossible

We are sought out to strategize and execute high-profile projects of critical importance to the community that sometimes seem impossible to implement. People trust us to deliver – and that trust drives us harder.

PSC creates new strategic initiatives, achieves previously impossible results, and develops game-changing outcomes that have substantial (trajectory-changing) long-term impacts, serving as trusted advisor to public and private sector clients.

our Approach



Your project is our passion, not our job. Our passion carries us over obstacles and into opportunities.



We understand systems, are critical thinkers, and see things differently.

We redefine and align to make a dream the reality.


We are invested in the endgame. Failure is an intermediate obstacle, not an outcome.

We refuse to fail. We create the win, win, win, win, win, win.

trusted advisor

We identify industry-level patterns and shortfalls in systems and determine ways to create or connect disparate programs within an industry - or across industries - for exponential benefit.


​Serves in a long-term ongoing and proactive role recognizing, presenting, and implementing opportunities and eliminating obstacles to help the City and its citizens flourish.

Testimonial from City Commissioner

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united soccer league

Upon meeting USL leadership, invited to speak at annual winter summit of team owners, potential owners and USL leadership.

Subject - Stadium Financing: Tools in the Toolbox - innovative tools and financing mechanisms for funding stadiums.

National advisory committee on travel & tourism infrastructure 

Strategic advisor to Chair of Committee – Attending committee meetings in Washington, DC and providing administrative support and strategy advice.


atlantic intracoastal waterway association

Invited to present at two successive annual meetings of industry stakeholders to share Florida's groundbreaking initiative, developed by PSC, for potential application and use along the waterway in four other states as the commercial / industrial waterway access expert.


Invited to present an innovative sales strategy to Company Ownership/Leadership in Cambridge to reimagine their sales model. Zagster developed the world’s first bike-sharing fleet management software and became an industry leader in bike share fleet management between 2007 and 2020.

League of Mayors.jpg

florida league of mayors

Recruited by State Agency to speak at Florida League of Mayors as renowned funding expert on "The Art of Successful Grant Funding – Getting the Most for your City" .

florida department of state

Asked to serve as Panelist for State Historic Preservation Grants due to State's awareness of PSC's knowledge and reputation in grant management. Evaluated and ranked statewide projects for grant funding.

FL Department of State.jpg
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